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E550EG Surgical monitor 55 inch 4k



4K Video Fusion Display System for Interventional Surgery

E550EG is an integrated surgery fusion display system, that could be used applied in interventional operating room, reporting room, meeting room, remote teaching room and various operating room. It supports picture in picture, picture by picture, and up to 6 windows at the same time. With various built-in layout presets and user custom mode, it covers most application scenarios. This product provides a high performance and all-around video transmission, display and control solution for different scenarios of interventional surgery.

1. Multiple input ports

With seven DVl ports, one DP port, two HDMl ports, one 3G SDl ports and one 12G SDl ports, together with various preset layout, this product can cover most of the application scenarios.

2. Multi-window support

With several preset layout users can freely change the layout to better fit their requirements.

3. Remote control

With RJ45 port, users can control the settings remotely, reducing the hassle of operating the device with on-screen menu.

4. Long-distance transmission

Operating rooms are getting more and more complicated nowadays. With SDI support, up to 100-meter long-distance transmission become possible.

5. High reliability

With backlight sensor, robust circuit design and many more technologies, this product can endure the challenging environment in the operating room.

6. Protective glass

To avoid the accidental damage to the screen, we bring protective glass and anti-reflective coating into this product, which will greatly reduce the risk.

7. Accurate color reproduction

This JUSHA surgical monitor product line applies 42-bit LUT technology, which can accurately restore the color of human body, so that surgeons can make more accurate judgments.

8. High color depth

This JUSHA surgical monitor adopts the highest-level medical liquid crystal panel, which has good color, high brightness, and high contrast, so that the layers of each tissue in the operation are well expressed and the clinical image is clear and vivid.

9. Smooth dynamic motion

The response time of this surgical monitor is at minimum level, so that it can smoothly present high-resolution surgical videos, and clearly display the bleeding status and other delicate operations during the operation, without smear and jitters.

10. Meet the operating room purification and anti-interference requirements

This surgical monitor adopts a dust-free design, which meets the purification requirements of the operating room for surgical equipment. The metal enclosed design can effectively prevent dust and liquid pollution during the operation. The body of the metal shell and the built-in shielding circuit can effectively prevent the interference of electronic surgical equipment such as high frequency electrosurgery on the monitor and ensure the stability of the surgical display.