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Air purifier for clinic use.


The EzPURE air treatment system has been designed to be very efficient, virtually maintenance free and easy to use.

The design uses a system of UV lamps which allow a working life of approximately 9000 hours.
This means it is easy to use, intuitive and easily programmable.

Available as a wall mounted option or floor standing.

Operation is based on a forced ventilation system and in a closed circle. The air sucked in by the EzPure UV first passes through a dust filter positioned on the air inlet, the objective of which is to block the coarsest particles (VOCs) and preserve the integrity lamps, ensuring a first purification of the air. Then, the air enters the irradiation chamber and is directly exposed to the radiation in contact with the 4 UVC tubes which provide maximum germicidal action. The air is then expelled from the air outlet, thereby ensuring bacteriological reduction.