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Autoclave N class

N class autoclave  16 Litre



The Sturdy SA-232 autoclave is a robust and compact steriliser unit that will work reliably and consistently year after year. It is very simple to use due to it’s smart electronics,

  • 16 litre capacity

  • Dual program for wrapped or un-wrapped instruments

  • Micro-processor control makes operation extremely simple – program is fully automatic

  • Easy to maintain. The autoclave body is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel, while the heater unit uses 316 grade for ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Safety devices include over-heat and over-pressure protection

Service Program

Imex has a service system which allows for the cost effective freighting of units back to our workshop for all servicing. We supply an identical unit FOC on loan during the servicing period. This keeps the lifetime service costs to a minimum, making the SA232 a very economical choice of autoclave.

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