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Digital x-ray sensor Vatech EzSensor Soft

EzSensor soft for ultimate patient comfort

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The unique EzSensor Soft is a very innovative product from Vatech, the world leader in dental imaging technology.

Not only do these sensors have a soft silicone construction and rounded corners but are also able to be curved for the ultimate in patient comfort.

This also aids in easy positioning resulting in crystal clear imaging and less wasted time

After all, who has a square mouth??

Available in sizes 1.5 and 2.0

Superior image quality is guaranteed. Theoretical resolution of 33.7lp/mm and a 14.8um pixel size

Available with the EzDent-i intuitive software

2.7m USB cable and starter pack of hygenic sleeves are included along with a wall holder for the sensor

EzSensor classic and HD models also available