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Imex Medical are the only approved seller for K-Laser in New Zealand.

The K-Laser BLUE VET is a multi-application surgical laser designed for:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology

The K-LASER BLUE VET shares the same technology which can be found in our human cosmetic lasers

By using the revolutionary blue laser technology you will be able to achieve high precision incisions without bleeding and nearly no thermal damages to tissues adjacent to the incision. Thermal damages to adjacent tissues is a major concern when using any other infra-red laser for surgery.

BLUE VET Advantages:

  • Great user experience
    The Blue Vet is easy to handle thanks to its touch-screen interface. The practitioner is able to simply use presets or manually configure the laser for each type of applications.
  • Low Thermal Effect
    Due to the use of the 445nm wavelength technology K-laser Blue Vet allows laser surgery with nearly no thermal effect on soft tissues.=> No cooling system required
    Low thermal effect on targeted tissues means that no cooling system is needed during surgery.=> Higher precision, low pain and inflammation
    Low thermal effect means nearly no collateral thermal damage on surrounding tissues. Therefore a much higher precision is reached during surgery and the post-surgery pain and inflammation is extremely low.
  • Multi-wavelengths for multi-applications
    The Blue Vet is a 3 Wavelengths unit (445nm, 660nm, 970nm). The use of these 3 wavelengths alone or in combination (automatically configured) is the key of the versatility and high quality results of the Blue Vet.
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi antenna – for instant software update
  • Portability: About 1.3 kg including Li-Ion battery
  • Service and repair
  • Warranty: 4 Years

BLUE VET Applications:

    Epulis | gingival neoformations | oral biopsy
    Tonsillectomy | gingivectomy | brachycephalic syndrome
    Eosinophilic granuloma | Indolent Ulcers Lip & Tongue
    Mole removal | skin tags | Warts | Fibroma | Biopsy
    Lick granuloma | eosinophilic granuloma
    Ceruminous glands in the ear canal
    Periodontitis | Gingivitis | Gingivitis post dental extraction | Tooth abscess | Polymerization | Stomatitis | Ulcers | Root germ reduction.
    Improve wound healing: acute, chronic, degloving wounds, cat & dog fight wounds, Indolent skin ulcer
    Antiseptic effect of blue laser: infected wound, dermatophytosis, deep mycosis, hot spot, pododermatitis, impetigo
    Anti-inflammatory effect: otitis externa and otitis media