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Large animal Endoscope. bronchoscope, gastroscope etc

Equine endoscope gastroscope etc

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Using the latest CMOS LED technology means there are no more flimsy fibres which are costly to maintain.

The HUGER scopes come is a variety of sizes and configurations.
The HD image quality is fantastic.
These scopes come with working channels up to 3300mm long so we can configure one to suit your requirements.
Scope diameters from 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.6mm and 12.9mm.
Also available for small animals in 3.2mm and 5.6mm options.

Use these with a variety of accessories in the working channel to remove foreign bodies, obtain biopsy samples etc

Full-HD – excellent image resolution.
Image capturing and video recording can be stored on a USB disk.
Review stored image and video anytime.
2.5x electronic magnification.
Assign one file for each case and patient data is editable with keyboard.
All-in-one design with processor, LED light source and 12 inch HD monitor.


4 Secure shelves, easy to access to all the equipment in the endoscopy unit
1 Adjustable arm, supporting 2 endoscopes
1 Drawer, convenient for storage
4 Castor including 2 lockable ones, easy forĀ  moving and locking
4 Power sockets with central power button and bright LED power-on indicator


Small animal endoscopes also available.