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Manuthera treatment table

Manuthera 242 treatment table



The Manuthera 242 leads the world in design and funtionality.

Affordable and versatile, this finds itself in clinics such as Chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopath’s, sports massage therapists etc

Manuthera 242 takes the
therapist’s work to a new level and supports countless treatment and diagnosis methods
thanks to its patented operation system based on two synchronised motors, unique
multi-traction features and various other functionalities, as well as its structure.

Manuthera 242 is designed to support the therapist’s work in various ways:
• Timeless Finnish design for enhanced ergonomics
● Advanced treatment possibilities with multi-traction and 3D features
● Optimised motorised functions to reduce the need for burdening procedures
● Several movement options for each segment
● Functionalities to support treatment methods with a deep impact
● Ball bearings in table joints ensure smooth movement and endurance of high usage volumes
● Easy-care, durable surface materials
● Easy mobility of the table
● Pleasant treatment experience praised by patients
● High resale value
● Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years


Download a quick video here Manuthera® 242 vol1