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This product has extreme high resolution, high brightness, and great color accuracy. With the built-in sensor, together with self-developed Jusha Qualitas QA software, a long-term image quality is guaranteed. It is suitable for extreme medical diagnosis, such as Mammography, DR, CR.

1. DICOM Calibration

Complying with DICOM 3.14 standard and equipped with dynamic LUT, the monitor is ensured to meet the DICOM error requirements at any brightness, contrast and color temperature, improving the accuracy and stability of lesion diagnosis.

2. Integrated Front Sensor

The user can customize the black point brightness, white point brightness and environmental brightness of the DICOM curve according to the actual environment and diagnostic requirements. Build-in sensors measure the current display brightness in real time, enabling the monitor automatically adjusted to the best status, and complying with DICOM standard at any time.

3. JUSHA Qualitas QA Compatible

Users can check and calibrate the monitor status by themselves, removing the side effects from panel’s aging, which prolongs the lifespan of the monitor and achieving more accurate image.

4. Independent Dual Input Setup

You can change the image setting of different video source independently, such as calibration mode, resolution, color depth. Different image mode meeting various requirement.

5. Ambient Light Adaptive and Compensation

The monitor measures the ambient light in real time, and adjusts the display accordingly to ensure accurate diagnosis.

6. SmarTouch

Medical image diagnosis usually requires high brightness, and long-term use of high-brightness displays will damage your eyesight. In order to solve this problem, we provide a one-key brightening function. You can use a simple shortcut key to switch the display brightness between normal and maximum, providing great convenience for your work.

7. X-ray Film View (XFV)

The XFV can increase the brightness of the monitor to peak value, which can replace the traditional Lightbox for film reading and increase work efficiency.