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6MP portable medical grade tablet monitor, enables radiologist making key diagnosis decision during travel or emergency. Advanced USB-C ports giving users more convenience than ever. Touch screen makes interaction faster and more intuitive. Auto rotation, dual screen mode and ambient light sensing provides great usability in different scenarios.

1. Dual Thunderbolt 4 ports

With Thunderboltâ„¢ cable, power delivery and video transmission are combined together. This portable monitor can be directly powered by laptop.

2. Reverse Charging

By connecting CP620 to power adapter, CP620 can charge the laptop or mobile device reversely.

3. Capacitive Touch Screen

The touch screen enables users directly interact with PACS and many more software with fingers. Easier and more intuitive.

4. Auto Rotation

With build-in gravity sensor, windows will rotate automatically with the device orientation.

5. Ambient Light Sensing

CP620 will monitor the ambient light in real time, and change brightness and DICOM compensation accordingly, making it more comfortable to do diagnosis in different lighting environment.

6. Dual Screen Mode

With two inputs connected, users can have a seamless experience like a traditional 6MP medical monitor, two independent 3MP window side by side.