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2MP/Color/Clinical Review  24″

Cutting-edge medical display technology.
High and even brightness, energy saving eco-friendliness, and long life.
High resolution, high brightness, built-in DICOM standard LUT, suitable for clinical applications.

1. High brightness

The display panel has maximum brightness up to 600 cd/m² and maximum corrected brightness of 550 cd/m². Through the combination of brightness and contrast, a better sense of depth is created, which is more conducive to identifying the lesion.

2. Ins-guard real-time DICOM automatic calibration system

The DICOM calibration consists of two aspects, one being the accuracy calibration before leaving the factory, and the other being the real-time calibration after leaving the factory. JUSHA Ins-guard system is a DICOM real time automatic calibration system. The built-in brightness sensor monitors the brightness of the center point in real time and feeds it back to the calibration system to automatically calibrate the brightness of the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel, thereby ensuring compliance with the DICOM standard. The center point measures and controls the brightness, which is more in line with the actual viewing area brightness requirement of the screen.

3. Full screen brightness balance correction SLE

The uncalibrated LCD has uneven brightness and a large difference in brightness between regions, which greatly affects the normal display of the gray scales of the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) of the medical image, and also affects the quality of the DICOM correction. JUSHA Medical Professional Display System measures and adjusts the brightness of each pixel to reduce the brightness and color unevenness between the center and the corner, which ensures that the entire display area of the display can be compliant with the DICOM GSDF standard. It is the uniform display brightness, reduced noise, perfect compliance with DICOM standard from the center of the corner, and increased contrast and detection accuracy that make the product have satisfactory image quality.

4. Reading light

The display has a built-in reading light mode with a reading clip that can be quickly turned on by a shortcut key to facilitate the doctor to read the film.