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Medical Review Monitor E190CG 19″ for endoscopic display

E190CG endoscopic monitor 19″



Jusha display for endoscopic surgery only uses LCD panel with accurate color reproduction, good sense of hierarchy, smooth dynamic display and wide visual range. It satisfies the rapid changing needs for medical display. In minimally invasive surgery (MIS),it can clearly observe the position of surgery. The white frame, the compliance with electromagnetic compatibility and many video input and output interfaces make the product fully meet the requirements of various endoscopy or operating room and ICU display.


With the 36 bit technology, JUSHA display for endoscopic surgery only can represent over 68.7 billion colors and accurately reproduce the colors of human issues in MIS, so that the surgeons can make more accurate judgments.

2.Good sense of hierarchy

The most advanced medical LCD panel used by JUSHA display for endoscopic surgery only has good sense of hierarchy, high brightness and high contrast, thus it can represent the hierarchy of any issue in the surgery and provide clear clinical surgery images.

3.Smooth dynamic image

The response time of the gray scale of JUSHA display for endoscopic surgery only is less than 14ms, thus it can smoothly present the surgery images from standard definition to high definition and clearly display bleeding and other meticulous operations in the surgery without smearing and shaking.

4.Compliance with the requirements of cleansing and anti-interference in the operating room

The white dust-free design used by JUSHA display for endoscopic surgery only meets the cleansing requirements of operating equipment in the operating room. The closed metal design can effectively prevent dust and liquid pollution during the surgery. The body with metal shell and the built-in shield circuit can effectively prevent the interference of electric operating equipment such as high frequency electric knife to the monitor, thus it can ensure the stability of surgical display.

5.Various types of interfaces

JUSHA display for endoscopic surgery only can be compatible with various analog signals and digital signals as well as the image pick-up systems of hard lens manufactures and soft lens manufactures in the world. It fully meets the needs of various brands and equipment.