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RWD dental cart for veterinary use D-U2000 model

Veterinary dental unit D-U2000

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Unique features with great quality and affordable price, the D-U2000 flexible veterinary dental unit can completely fulfill the needs of veterinarians for the dental treatment of animals.

It has integrated ultrasonic scaler, LED high speed 360┬░swivel handpiece, low speed handpiece etc., allowing veterinarians to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality dental care to animals, including cutting, grinding, finishing, scaling and polishing and so on.
Powerful 360┬░ swivel high-speed handpiece with self-generating LED
illumination helps veterinarians cut animal teeth easily.
Low speed motor with coolant delivery tube for effective cooling. It can
also compatible with polishing head and burs.
Automatically drain pollution or water from the air tank, greatly reduces
the trouble of daily maintenance for veterinary, reduces the risk of rust,
and prolong the lifespan.
28000Hz scaler with automatic frequency tracking to ensure power, and
white LED light for clear vision without fatigue.
Magnetic platform to absorb burs or other fine tools, avoid accidental
sliding or loss.
Whole machine weighs only 32kg. Super smooth casters will ensure
flexible movement.

See the D-PRO model for a more advanced dental unit designed especially for veterinary use.