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RWD R650 Small Animal Anesthesia

Veterinary anesthesia machine R650


The pinnacle of innovation!  Meet the RWD R650 small animal anesthesia machine with options.
This comes complete with the high accuracy vapouriser and can be configured to work with bottled oxygen supply, oxygen concentrator or plumbed oxygen supply.
Optional extra’s include
-Monitor shelf
-Concentrator shelf
-Ventilator shelf.

This machine features a unique switch to swap between breathing circuits. Yes, to change between re-breathing and non re-breathing circuits, simply flick the switch.
The Co2 absorber tray slides out to make it simple to renew the sodalime with no mess.

● High-accuracy Vaporizer: Each unit undergoes comprehensive factory inspection, ensuring utmost precision

● One-click doctrine: APL valve closes with one click, breathing circuit switches with one click

● The layout of function keys is very friendly. The airway pressure gauge, APL valve, etc. are all concentrated on the front panel, which is clear at a glance.

● Highlight safety pressure warning with green, yellow and red signs that make it easier to identify excessive system pressure for both circuits

● Compact installation of monitor, ventilator, oxygen concentrator, etc

● Concealed pipeline arrangement, minimizing exposure and leakage risks