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S8420S Medical Review/Surgical Monitor 84″ 8MP colour MDT teaching monitor

S8240S medical teaching monitor extra large




JUSHA S8420 is an 84-inch medical monitor specifically designed for multi-discipline and teaching application. Also, this product fits in the workflow for remote meeting and consulting, providing high quality medical images for reviewing.

1. DICOM Calibration

Every single unit is DICOM calibrated in factory, meeting the requirements for medical imaging reviewing.

2. 48bit LUT

Each pixel is displayed through 48bit lookup table, presenting a more accurate image and more smooth transition.

3. FocusView

This function applies a mask by tracking the cursor location. This helps users focus on certain area for diagnosis or comparing.

4. Virtual Laser

By changing the cursor into a red point, users can mimic the same feeling of using a laser pen in traditional projectors.

5. Ambient light

With build-in ambient light sensor, the screen will automatically change the brightness with the ambient environment. Also, DICOM standard will be compensated with the ambient light value at the same time, achieving higher medical imaging accuracy.

6. Multi-window

Up to four input signals can be displayed simultaneously, without extra device. This greatly simplifies cable connections and device management.

7. CGA

Color and Grayscale Auto-calibration (CGA) will distinguish color and monochrome pixels automatically, and calibrate the image with corresponding standards, such as DICOM and GAMMA.

8. Eco Mode

When the monitor enters sleep mode, the power consumption is under 0.5W.