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Size 2.0 intraoral sensor for veterinary dental x-ray

Veterinary intra oral sensor


These sensors are made in Italy and come with image acquisition software ready to use
Thanks to a highly evolved calibration tool, images obtained with the I-view software do not need post processing. During the image acquisition, the calibration files remove any possible imperfections by reducing noise and increasing image quality and details.
Active pixel is 1442 x 1998 pixel.
Active area size is 38x26mm
2.7m long USB cable (5m extension also available)

IP68 water resistant.
18 μm Pixel size
28 lp/mm Theoretical
12 bit Dynamic Range
Thickness: 4.8 mm
TWAIN Interface
DICOM files format
Supports up to 10 network users
“Bridge” function included
USB dongle license +
Deep-View v.4 software

Integrates direct interface to the acquisition
software of X-ray system, photo cameras,
scanners, cameras, slides scanner, etc.
Four acquisition functions: Intraoral, Total
body, Bones structure and Organs.
Intuitive and easy to use, just a few clicks
needed to perform each operation.
Designed to be used as a cross-platform
system. Runs with Windows, MAC OSX,
Android and iOS.
Enables saving and exporting images to the
PC in DICOM, JPEG or Bitmap file.
Exports images to a CD, DVD or USB with the
corresponding Viewer, and enables watching
them in the PC without installing a viewing
Send images to Printer and PACS.