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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners


Imex Medical have been selling the trusted STURDY brand of sterilisation equipment for many years, since 1995 to be exact.

Our range of ultrasonic cleaners come in a range of sizes from .6l through to 22L size

Below are the tank sizes for each model
UC400    495x295x150mm    22L     400W/40KHz     400W heater output    Timer 1-99min1500utes
UC300    295x249x150mm   10.5L    300W/46KHz    300W heater output    Timer 1-30minutes
UC150    295x150x100mm   4.5L      150W/46KHz    200W heater output    Timer 1-30 minutes
UC80     150x135x100mm    2L         80@/46KHz      N/A                                    Timer 1-30 minutes
UC50     168x89x55mm        0.6L      50W/46KHz      N/A                                   N/A

all 304 stainless with powdercoated alloy housing