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V80 Veterinary ultrasound

V80 veterinary ultrasound machine

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The V80 ultrasound from the world reknown SIUI stables has won global awards.
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  • Compelling Veterinary Solution for Multi-species
  • Versatile for different animal solutions
  • Cardiology
    • P5 and P8 High frequency phased array probes for small sized species
    • Auto EF: Automatic animal heart ejection fraction calculation
    • Stress echo: Evaluate inducible myocardial ischemia through increased stress
    • Anatomic M-mode: Up to 5 sample lines
  • Abdomen & Reproduction
    • C3 Convex probe for large sized species
    • C6 High density micro convex probe for small-medium sized species
    • L8 Veterinary transrectal probe for farm animals
  • Superficial & MSK – L8 High density linear probe
    • Panoscope: Enlarges the real time view for large animal tendons
    • Strain Elastography: Evaluate tissue’s stiffness in real time
    • Needle Enhancement: Better visualization and accuracy during biopsy process

Features of this product

  • MFI
    By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises, MFI renders premium images with outstanding resolution high contrast and enhances penetration.
  • Fuzzy logic flow
    Different parameter weight is specifically designed to furthest restore flow signal, enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.