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2D OPG from Vatech with superior image quality and low dosage


Experience superior image quality with low dosage with the Vatech Pax-I.

The short scan time reduces the distortion caused by patient movement.

Available with or without CEPH. The superior images are delivered using a Si-TFT sensor.

Ceph also allows for standard lateral (12.9 sec) or full lateral images (16.9 sec)

2 specialised sensors for Pano and Ceph allowing prolonged lifetime of sensors.

Various capture modes available depending on the diagnostic need.

This unit is also wheel chair accessible making it a very versatile machine

Scan times are as follows

PANO HD – 13.5 sec/Normal 10.1 sec

Scan Ceph – 12.9 sec

One shot Ceph – .9 sec

Comes with EzDent-i software which has powerful diagnostic value and is a complete solution for consultation.

It is both easy to learn and easy to use.