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VATECH PaX-i Insight



The PaX-i INSIGHT is a truly revolutionary machine designed to improve the workflow of your clinic.

The INSIGHT technology and raid scan CEPH are industry leading features.

You can now view images in 41 layer technology. This is the latest evolutionary progression is panoramic imaging.

These multi layered images provide a unique detailed look across a single focal trough.

We know we all have different shaped arches so the Insight Pan has been created to ensure all details are captured in a depth-added panoramic image.

Low dosage, fast scan times and no compromise on image quality are all additional benefits for both the operator and the patient.

Scan times as follows

PANO – Normal (10.4, 14.0, 21.0)/Insight PAN (10.4sec)

CEPH – 1.9/3.9 sec

Comes with EzDent-i software which has powerful diagnostic value and is a complete solution for consultation.

It is both easy to learn and easy to use.

Contact Imex for a demonstration of the software features now.