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Vitali V8 TOUCH dental station



Timeless design and quality.
The V8 TOUCH is the cream of the VITALI range, all designed and built in Italy.

Wireless foot control for controlling instruments, chair, lamp, spittoon and “vacuum stop” Unit mounting 5-seat instrument table, hanging cords system, complete with:
-Touch control keypad for instruments, light, cuspidor and chair setting
– instrument preselection and memory up to 5 operator settings
– instruments lubricating oil collector

The versatility of the new V8 TOUCH allows an adaption of the configuration of the unit to suit the requests of the dental team. It is possible to choose between a version with column or bracket cuspidor, both available in the international version with hanging tubes or the continental version with balanced arms. V8 TOUCH also offers a wide range of configurations for the nurse’s console available on a pantograph arm or on a double articulated arm, combined with touch keypad or a two buttons keypad.

The aesthetic quality of the V8 TOUCH is conveyed by the soft lines which immediately make the patient feel at ease and make the dentist perceive the functionality of the unit. The structural strength of the unit allowed the creation of a smaller sized base which provides the dentist with a great freedom of movements and enables him to get closer to the chair. PedaleWith the new wireless foot control, no obstructions thanks to the absence of connection cables and maximum level of hygiene thanks to the opportunity of managing a variety of functions without using hands