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X_ray machine PEDS 600 U arm

PEDS 600 U-Arm x-ray


The PEDS 600 is a state-of-the-art radiography system including a microprocessor controlled inverter generator from our PROVARIO HF series. Due to the compact design the system is ideal for any kind of examination techniques in orthopedic, surgical and traumatology applications where minimum space required is of vital importance. To ensure a fast workflow the digital automatic exposure control (AEC in classic and TOUCH version) and anatomical programmer (APR) are part of the package.

According to individual user requirements, the PEDS 600 can be customized as an analog cassette-based system or a fully digital DR-unit. In case of a DR-configuration, the U-arm stand will be equipped with a PROTEC RAPIXX flatpanel detector. By using the CONAXX 2 image acquisition software from PROTEC, all advantages of latest digital technology are realized to full extend: Optimal workflow along with centralized control of the X-ray generator and the detector by CONAXX 2 provide diagnosable x-ray exposures of outstanding quality within a few seconds.

The system is available with different PROTEC RAPIXXflatpanel versions and can, due to its modular set-up, also be upgraded individually with additional software options up to a PACS (e.g. PROPAXX ).

As a recommendable accessory, we suggest any version of mobile PROGNOST XP series X-ray tables.

Available models:

  • PEDS 600 basic – our entry-level solution with 40 KW generator
  • PEDS 00 classic – our standard solution with 50 KW generator, Varian tube and AEC
  • PEDS 600TOUCH – digital high-end solution with integrated image acquisition through touch-display with detector-Bucky corresponding to chosen flatpanel.

PEDS 600 systems are availbale with rotation to the left or to the right.

Top 5:

  • Compact design
  • Tube assembly and detector mounted at one single device
  • Brilliant image quality along with minimal dose of radiation
  • PEDS 600-DR as digital system with full DICOM-compatibility
  • CONAXX as central workstation for generator control and image acquisition when chosing a DR-model

Standard delivery range

  • Swiveling arm stand for mounting the tube assembly
  • PROVARIO HF, X-ray generator, alternatively with 40, 50, 65 or 80 kW, incl. APR
  • X-ray tube with manual collimator
  • High voltage cables
  • different RAPIXX flat panel detectors are available
  • CONAXX 2 including generator connection (in combination with RAPIXX flat panel detector)

Ease of use

  • System operation, control of X-ray generator and software applications combined in one console to provide an optimum workflow
  • X-ray generator control directly through CONAXX 2  possible
  • Easily movable, counterbalanced swiveling arm unit with electromagnetic brakes
  • Rotatable collimator
  • Ergonomically positioned control elements
  • In combination with a mobile patient table the system becomes a bucky workplace

Options / Accessories (abstract)

  • Mobile PROGNOST XP series patient tables with floating tabletop, also available in motorized height adjustable version (even battery driven making power connection redundant)
  • Additional CONAXX 2 software modules
  • PROPAXX medical imaging software